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Online PhD Degree Programs – Accreditation of Universities in Bangladesh

Online PhD Degree Programs and Importance of  Accreditation

Those who want to enroll in online PhD degree programs from Bangladesh colleges and universities should be aware that the country is still in the process of building its quality assurance systems for higher education. At present, quality control in public universities is mostly an internal process; for example, in-house committees are the ones tasked to undertake reviews of the school’s curriculum and assessments of its achievements.

Accreditation Process of Universities in Bangladesh and Online PhD Degree Programs

Online PhD Degree Programs University of DhakaFor private universities, the University Grants Council acts as an unofficial accreditation body, since it has to approve all new academic programs and also provide recommendations to the Ministry of Education when an application to establish a new private university is received. In effect, the UGC is ensuring that the provisions of the Private University Act, under which private universities were established, are complied with.

There are also several professional groups that act like accreditation bodies for programs in specific academic disciplines, such as the Institute of Engineers in Bangladesh or the Institute of Architects in Bangladesh. The accreditation of academic programs by these bodies ensures that the qualifications earned, including through online PhD programs, will be recognized; for example, only building plans designed by architects who are graduates of programs accredited by IAB will be approved by the relevant government agency.

Further Reforms for Accreditation and Online PhD Degree Programs

Online PhD Degree Programs Shahjalal University Government is pursuing further reforms to higher education through a twenty-year National Strategic Plan that recommends strategies to address the challenges facing tertiary education in the country, including the establishment of a formal national accreditation council and the strengthening of the UGC. If the reforms are successfully implemented, it could mean wider recognition of degrees earned from Bangladeshi universities, including advanced degrees awarded through online PhD degree programs.

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