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Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at Swansea University UK

The Swansea University is Welsh public university of research located within Swansea, United Kingdom. The school was developed in 1920 as one of the schools that constructed the University of Wales. It did not gain university status until 2007 where it became a separate university. In terms of population it is one of the largest Welsh universities available attracting over 19,000 students. The university is ranked respectively in educational standards as well as student satisfaction.

These PhD scholarships are awarded to applicants who show outstanding personal and academic merit throughout their academic careers. These doctoral scholarship opportunities are highly prestigious and awarded to the best doctoral research candidates. Candidates awarded these opportunities are expected to participate in a full time doctoral program through the Swansea University.

These scholarships cover tuition fees for domestic applicants as well as provide a generous annual stipend to cover living expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. International applicants are encouraged to apply with the understanding that there will be additional fees that they must fund. The tenure of these PhD scholarship opportunities last for a duration of 3-5 years. This is the average amount of time that it takes to conduct a full time doctoral program

Requirements: These requirements are some of the shared requirements between the different scholarship opportunities. Applicants must abide by all university and scholarship guidelines. Failure to comply with all the rules and requirements set by the university will be issue for dismissal from the university or the scholarship program.

  • Applicants will be required to submit all previous academic transcripts for university consideration. They will also be required to submit a completed research proposal ready to present. The proposal should come complete with a hypothesis and outline.
  • International applicants will be required to pay additional tuition fees as well as make sure that they maintain health insurance and submit to all the requirements of their visas. This also includes language assessments if applicable for the individual applicant.

Unless stated otherwise it is to be assumed that these scholarship opportunities all have open deadlines. The earlier an application is submitted the more time the university has to decide.

The List of PhD Scholarships

Below is a list of PhD scholarships that are available at the university.

The College of Engineering: This department provides 6 PhD scholarships for qualified applicants entering doctoral programs with the Swansea University.

  • Nanostructures Conductive Anion Change Composite Thin Films
  • Novel Self-Healing Coating Technology for Metal Surface Protection Against Corrosion: Deadline 9th of November.
  • Development of Processes and Applications of Biomedical Devices: Deadline 9th of November
  • Polymer Nano-composites for Solar Cells: Deadline 9th of November.
  • Orientation f Biocompatible of Hexagonal Metals: Deadline 9th of November
  • Precursor Formulation and Processing of Smart Metal Oxide Layers: Deadline 9th of November.

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