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Online PhD Programs – Online PhD in Architecture

An online PhD in Architecture is a doctoral degree in Architecture which can be completed online given that you possess either a Master of Architecture degree or a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Rarely, possessing another degree will still also make you eligible for an online PhD in Architecture.


Ninety hours of graduate study is the credit hour minimum set by the NAAB; this will include two years of coursework and an authentic research dissertation about a topic approved by the advisory committee which is required to complete the doctoral degree online. Duration of the program might also get extended if the graduate committee identifies that you have deficiencies in some aspects like technical writing, language, and other courses.


The structure of the online doctoral program mainly depends on the University you will be enrolling in. Large schools may provide different clusters of research areas you can choose from as the range of faculty interest areas are much broader. Each of the available cluster or center will administer a certificate in their respective areas of concentration.


An online PhD program in Architecture is intended to become a professionally accredited degree through satisfying the accreditation standards set by the NAAB or the National Architectural Accrediting Board.


The doctoral degree on Architecture is designed to create a broader graduate education for Architects due to the increase in the need of collaborative practices and interdisciplinary expertise.

Future Job Prospects

Most job prospects for a Doctoral in Architecture graduate will lead to leadership professions especially in the profession. Large firms who are focused on developing new practice models are in great need of professionals who have doctoral degrees as well as the international setting where credentials are highly recognized.

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