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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Translation and Interpreting

Online PhD in Translation and Interpreting – Bright Job Prospects

Online PhD in Translation and Interpreting Graduates


 If you have a talent for languages that you would like to develop, why not take a research degree in translation studies? Translation Studies is a multidisciplinary field that concerns the theory and interpretation of translation and interpretation. Scholars who are awarded a Online PhD in Translation and Interpretation can find work with multinational companies, in the civil service as members of ambassadorial staffs, or with international non-government organizations such as the United Nations or the World Bank. And if your personal and professional responsibilities prevent you from pursuing a doctorate degree on a full-time basis, online PhD will allow you to work on your research part-time at your own pace.

Entry Requirements – Online PhD in Translation and Interpreting

In general, candidates for PhD in Translation and Interpreting must have a Master’s degree in a related language or culture subject, although some programs may allow you to use relevant work experience as a prerequisite for entry. They must also be proficient in at least three languages. If you do not possess these qualifications, you are generally asked to complete a Master’s program in a relevant field before being allowed to apply for a research degree. You will also submit a detailed research proposal which should indicate the area of investigation, the research questions and the methodology applied to doing the research.

After Joining your Degree in Online PhD in Translation and Interpreting

Online PhD UK graduatesAfter successfully entering online PhD in Translation and Interpreting, scholars will produce a book-length dissertation which makes an original contribution to the body of knowledge in the subject under investigation. They will be awarded the degree after successfully defending their dissertation through an on-campus oral defense.


Interested in doing your PhD in Translating and interpreting? Than read our article about Professional Doctorate in Translation Studies from University of Edinburgh.

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