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151 International PhD Scholarships at Northumbria University UK for 2015-16

The Northumbria University is a research university located within Newcastle upon Tyne. The university started out as a college of technology in 1894 and became a university in 1992. The Northumbria University is a prestigious member of the University Alliance and is amongst the oldest universities in Newcastle. The university is ranked respectively and is popular amongst students attracting an enrollment of over 29,800 students annually.

The PhD Scholarships

The Northumbria University announced the availability of 151 PhD scholarships. These highly competitive PhD scholarships are awarded to the brightest students who present the best fit for the scholarship. These scholarships are awarded based on merit either academic, personal, professional, or a combination of the three. These PhD scholarships are only available at Northumbria University.

These PhD scholarships cover tuition fees for all students that are accepted as recipients of this scholarship. Domestic students qualify for an annual stipend. In some cases international students may also qualify for annual stipends but this funding is not guaranteed and international students are only awarded stipends in extreme circumstances. These PhD scholarships last a minimum duration of three years in a full time study program. Unless otherwise stated it is to be assumed that the scholarships listed below have open deadlines. It is important that the student researches their PhD scholarship to ensure that they are meeting all deadline requirements.

The List of PhD Scholarships

Listed below are the disciplines and some of the PhD scholarships that are available for students at the university. Each of these scholarships have their own individual rules and requirements for acceptance.


  • Taxonomy Design for Eco Cities
  • Support System Designs for Future Cities

Biological and Medical Science

  • Aroma Compounds Cellular Effects and Cognitive Performance
  • Investigating Dietary Provisions

Business and Finance

  • How Branding Can Lead to Sustainable Organizations
  • Obtaining and Reusing Knowledge in Disaster Management Practices

Chemical Science

  • Cellular Effects and Performance
  • Lead in Urban Allotments

Earth Science

  • Nuclear Waste Reprocessing
  • Cultural and Physical Waterscapes in the North Sea


  • Efficient Wireless Network Communication Schemes
  • Behavior of Micro/Nano Functioning Graded Beams


  • Flexible Housing Solutions
  • Public Engagement 2.0


  • Forensic Evidence and Prosecuting
  • Law and Sexuality

Math and Computing

  • Artificial Intelligence in Computer Graphics and Vision
  • Biological Big Data

Physical Science

  • Nature of Solar Plumes and their Relation to Solar Winds
  • The Stability of Magnetized Coronal Plasma

Social Science and Health

  • Aging Effects on Neurogenic Control of Bowels and Bladder
  • Performance, Audiences, Aesthetics of Disabilities

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