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215 International PhD Scholarships at Cardiff University UK for 2017-18

Cardiff University – Background

The Cardiff University is a large public research university with a total enrollment of 28,000 students. University was first founded in 1883 and became its own freestanding institution in 1997.Toda, it is one of the largest universities in the country and rates highly in terms of academics and quality of life. The university comprises 26 academic schools and offers education in three fields; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; studies in Biomedical and Life Sciences; and the Physical Sciences and Engineering. With the management of Martin Evans, Chancellor; Colin Riordan, President and about 5230 administrative staff; the university has been ranked to be prestigious.

PhD Scholarships and Bursaries for 2017-18

As an excellent university, PhD scholarships are bestowed for doctoral education in this institution. The following PhD scholarships are available through the university. They cover tuition and fees, and also provide a generous tax-free annual stipend of £13,863. Admission is highly selective and based upon both academic and personal achievement. For consideration, please submit a resume, full official academic transcripts, and a research proposal.

Please read below a quick analysis of some of the PhD Funding and scholarship opportunities made available at Cardiff University UK for 2017-18:


7 PhD Scholarships –Arts:

  • Evaluating Social Dialogue in Europe: A Comparative Case Study

48 PhD Scholarships – Biological & Medical Sciences:

  • Microwave assisted heterogeneous catalysis
  • An Ultrasonic System-on-a-chip for Early Cancer Diagnosis

71 PhD Scholarships –Engineering:

  • Exploration and synthesis of new metal matrix composites through 3D printing

71 PhD Scholarships –Math and Computing:

  • Optimisation for novel structural-material configuration
  • Categorification of generalised braids

2 PhD Scholarships – Business and Finance:

  • Hawkes processes and financial applications : how to keep an orderly market

65 PhD Scholarships – Chemical Sciences:

  • Facile and Accurate Diagnosis of Cancer
  • Microwave assisted heterogeneous catalysis
  • Production of cheap microporous drug delivery polymers via metal-organic framework templating

14 PhD Scholarships –Earth Sciences:

  • Numerical modelling of multiphase flows
  • Evaluating Social Dialogue in Europe: A Comparative Case Study

9 PhD Scholarships –Humanities:

  • Evaluating Social Dialogue in Europe: A Comparative Case Study

88 PhD Scholarships – Physical Sciences:

  • Biomedical smart fabric wearable devices

24 PhD Scholarships – Social Sciences and Health:

  • Cross-context behavioural spillover and sustainable tourism in Wales
  • Understanding and assessing children with neurodevelopmental proble

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