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53 Fully Funded International and National PhD Scholarships at Royal Holloway University of London UK for 2016-17

This article offers information about PhD scholarships awarded at the Royal Holloway-University of London.

The Royal Holloway-University of London is a research university located at Egham, Surrey. It is a constituent college of the University of London. The Royal Holloway was founded in 1879, by the then Queen Victoria, as a college for women. After merging with other colleges, the Royal Holloway became a part of the University of London. The campus sees a large variety of students, with students coming from over 100 different countries. The Royal Holloway accommodates up to 8,700 students per academic year.

The PhD Scholarships

The Royal Holloway provides research intense PhD scholarships to the most deserving candidates. Thousands of PhD candidates are evaluated and those showing the most promise in the academic field are awarded these PhD scholarships.

The PhD scholarships offer tuition waivers for students attending the college. National students might be eligible for an additional bursary to help cover the cost of living while attending the college for their doctorate. Some of these PhD scholarships might provide financial assistance to international students; however, international students are encouraged to apply for other forms of financial aid in order to cover the cost of living during their stay at the college.

The deadlines on these PhD scholarships are final. Thousands of students, from around the world, are competing for a chance at these research projects. Students that cannot meet deadlines, will not be taken into consideration.

The List of PhD Scholarships

The list provides the departments that are offering PhD scholarships at this time at the Royal Holloway. Listed are some of the specific research projects that are offering PhD scholarships.

  • Biological and Medical Science: There are 19 available scholarships.
    • Neuroscience of Face Perceptions and Social Decision Making
    • The Biogenesis of Chloroplast and the Development of Leaves in a Light Controlled Environment
    • Biomedical Neuroscience in a Simplistic Model System
  • Business and Finance: There is 1 available scholarship.
    • Applications of Game Theories in Cyber Security
  • Chemical Sciences: There are 8 available PhD scholarships
    • Investigating the Membrane Redox Biochemistry with Electrochemistry
    • The Role of the Centrosome and Cilia in Relation to Development
  • Earth Science: There are 2 available scholarships
    • Biology of the Chines Mitten Crab in the Thames
    • Mechanisms of Forest Diversity and the Effects on Insect Herbivores
  • Engineering: There are 4 available scholarships.
    • Cooling Mesoscopic Electrons Down to Quantum Level
    • DFT Method of a Complex Magnetic System
  • Math and Computing: There are 5 available scholarships.
    • Conforming Predictors to Machine Learning
    • Program Analysis for Security and Privacy
  • Physical Sciences: There are 11 available scholarships.
    • Advanced Instrumentation and Beam Dynamics for the Modern and the Future Accelerators
    • Backward Cherenkov Diffraction Radiation Generated from Ultra-Fast Charged Particles in Meta-Material Targets
    • Topological Super Fluids Under Engineered Nano-Scaled Confinement: New Phases and Searches for the Majorana Fermions, and Possible Super Symmetry
  • Social Sciences and Health Sciences: There are 2 available scholarships.
    • The Applications for Game Theories in Cyber Security
    • Neuroscience of Face Perceptions and Social Decision Making

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