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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in Sri Lanka

Online PhD Programs and Higher Education Accreditation in Sri Lanka

Our Blog about online PhD Programs will discus about Universities in Sri Lanka and importance of accreditation. Higher education in Sri Lanka is entirely supplied by state universities and taking undergraduate courses is free. Despite this, however, only a handful of local students are able to enroll in the university. Even worse, many of those who graduate, except for those taking specialized courses such as information technology or agriculture, find themselves unemployed and unable to find work because there is little demand for the degrees that they have earned.

Online PhD Programs and Higher Education Institutions

To address this problem, the University Grants Council of Sri Lanka, which is responsible for disbursing grants to higher educational institutions, established the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council (QAA) to undertake institutional and subject reviews of universities to ensure that they maintain quality standards in their academic programs. The Quality Assurance system, however, is purely mandatory and it is up to the universities themselves to implement sanctions for poorly-performing academic programs.

Postgraduate degree programs are offered by several universities, mainly in education and business, postgraduate institutes, and by the country’s Open University, which offers online PhD programs. Since there is a great demand for international qualifications in Sri Lanka, many foreign educational institutions have also established partnerships with Sri Lankan universities to offer jointly-run courses as an alternative to Sri Lankan students taking their degrees at universities abroad.

Online PhD Programs in Sri Lanka and Advice for International Students

Foreign students who would like to take distance PhD programs from Sri Lankan universities should take them from those that have voluntarily submitted to accreditation from the QAA or enroll in online PhD programs at institutions that are affiliated with universities abroad to ensure that their degrees will be recognized outside of the country.

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