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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Astrophysics

Online PhD in Astrophysics – Background

If Star Trek inspired you as a child to enter a career related to astronomy, why not continue your studies by earning an advanced degree in Astrophysics? Distance PhD in Astrophysics in the branch of astronomy concerned with the physical properties of the universe, including the temperature, density and luminosity of planets and stars. Many astrophysicists find work in national space programs or become instructors at an observatory or university. Enrolling in online PhD programs allows you to hold on to your job while completing work on your degree at your own pace.

Online PhD in Astrophysics – Prerequisites

Applicants for distance PhD programs are required to possess an undergraduate degree in a related field, such as Physics, and demonstrate the ability to perform advanced research. However, relevant work experience may also be considered as a prerequisite for entry into the program. If the applicant does not have these qualifications, they may be asked to complete a Master’s program in a relevant course before being allowed entry into the program. Upon entry, they are required to submit a short summary of their research proposal for evaluation by the admissions committee and to allow them to select the appropriate thesis advisers.

Online PhD in Astrophysics – Specializations

Scholars with Online PhD in Astrophysics are required to produce a research paper, based on original research that makes a significant contribution to the subject matter. Possible specializations include radio astronomy, astrodynamics and computational astrophysics. After submitting the dissertation, the scholar will be required to appear on campus to orally defend his dissertation; the degree will be awarded after a successful defense.

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