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Writing Your PhD Dissertation

Basically, PhD students are required to register for a minimum of 24 credit hours for their dissertation while still working on their doctoral dissertation. It covers the results of scholarly research providing originality evidence as well as contribution to social welfare/social work know-how. To make this possible, you have to consult with the Dissertation Committee of the school where you are studying doctoral degree program. It notes that your frequent and open integration with the committee member is very significant in your studies. However, there are many tactics you need to consider should you want to assess yourself on your commitment to your dissertation. These may include searching your inclination, seeking help from other possible sources of advice, and taking into account the shame if you will not pursue your doctoral degree program. You also have to think on where, when, and how you must work best when you are planning for the schedule of your dissertation.

To start with, you have to submit your dissertation proposal paper on time. The proposal paper follows typical guidelines that include the definition of problem, literature review and conceptual framework, hypotheses, design, plan for samples, measures, strategies for data collection, and data analysis methods, time frame and ethical issues. Your proposal then is expected to be approved right after the semester.

In writing your PhD dissertation, you have to make a list of the things that you have to do for a given section of the paper. You have tom write down everything that you need to do for your dissertation such as reformatting its margins. You have to work on the acknowledgment of your paper considering the efforts they exerted for the completion of your paper. You have to strengthen the consistency in writing your paper by leaving your work out in place where you may be able to view it and work on it conveniently, not being afraid to work in the wrong order, getting permission to write the dissertation, writing down your dissertation in single space, and quitting for once when you are on a roll.

Note that your dissertation should respond to the written drafts and should conform to the presentation rules under the University Graduate School’s Regulations for Thesis/Dissertation Preparation Manual. It should use some criteria in evaluating dissertation such as its significant contribution to knowledge advancement; demonstration to perform autonomous research; validity of its design and methodology, quality of reasoning and logic and quality of information sources; clarity of the written expression; and the quality of its abstract. Moreover, always remember the essence of good writing in your paper. You should be keen in using the right definitions and terminology, in avoiding its terms and phrases, in knowing the tense, in defining its negation entry, and in ensuring the proper use of its.

Moreover, the PhD Dissertation Committee will schedule for an oral examination through defense prior to its final acceptance. It will make sure that the suggestions and comments of its members are integrated into the dissertation’s defense copy.

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