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Online PhD UK – Distance PhDs in UK Universities

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Online PhD UK and British Universities

If you are sitting thousands of miles away from United Kingdom and have a burning desire to gets an online PhD UK from British universities, one option can be doing your degree as distance learning. At various UK universities, distance supervision is a common practice. The key is that before deciding about any specific university, you need to contact registry of that university or the future supervisor for that subject area to understand the residency regulation of the university.

In this regard, I must want to mention few key places where residency is not that stringent, University of London is one of them. In 1858, the University of London has created a learning system that allows great accessibility especially to those people who have limited time and sources and those who cannot afford to visit London to have their degree. Nowadays, this tradition is still being practiced by thousands of PhD students. For one, University of London is a well-established learning institution that offers large selections of online PhD or undergraduate and postgraduate programs in more than 157 countries all over the world. If your PhD is mainly related with humanities than go and see Birkbeck college (website) under university of London. Birkbeck college is renewed for its educational services for part-time professionals. At the moment Birkbeck is providing distance PhD and MPhil in 63 various areas. If you want to check other colleges and institutes under university of London than check this list here:

Another suggestion for Online PhD in UK can be university of Wales, providing PhDs and MPhil in various areas by distance learning method. These PhDs require limited attendance with no restriction on compulsory residency rule. You need to attend the university one day a month or one month per year. If you are living in Europe or America, it is quite possible that you can arrange with your supervisor to stay few weeks in a year and stay in your country rest of the year. In this way you will be paying fee as a part-time student and there will be no need of paying high UK residential costs (Rent, food etc).

In coming weeks I will bring new and current information about available Online PhD UK Degrees or Online PhD programs around the world. So check this blog regularly for new and update information, especially if you are a future candidate for a PhD degree program.

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