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Online PhD Degree Programs-Accreditation of Israeli Universities

Online PhD Degree Programs and Accreditation of Israeli Universities

The recent trend in getting post-graduate degrees through online PhD programs is gaining momentum.

Online PhD Degree Programs Graduation Academic ProcessionNow, people from all over the world can choose to get their doctorate degrees from educational institutions across the globe without having to leave their home countries. Distance PhD programs have transcended geographical and cultural barriers.

Significance of  Accreditation – Online PhD Degree Programs

These programs, however, should also cross the barrier of global acceptability. This is where accreditation comes in. There are national, regional, and international accreditation bodies formed in order to ensure the quality of these programs. Standards have been set so that a certification or degree issued by one accredited institution or program will be acceptable as equivalent to those issued by others in the same category elsewhere in the world.

Israeli Universities – Online PhD Degree Programs

Online PhD Degree Programs Graduation CeremonyIsraeli Universities are largely governed by the Council for Higher Education. Since 1958, the Council is the only institution that is qualified to do the task of accrediting Israeli colleges and universities. It is the sole authority for setting the terms and requirements for the conferment of degrees in Israel including online PhD degree programs. It has a membership of some 25 presidential appointees.

The government recommended appointees convene to review the academic activities of various learning institutions in Israel and rate them according to the set standards. Apart from accreditation, the Council also takes part in budgetary and financial planning for higher education development. Through the council, the efficiency and beyond par performance of higher educational institutions are monitored. This ensures that graduates of higher education programs in Israel would be able to take advantage of broader employment opportunities in the country and in other countries around the world as well.

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