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Online PhD Degree Programs; Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD)

Mental health professionals seeking to set up their own practice might consider taking up a Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) program as preparation. A PsyD degree is a professional doctorate that focuses more on the applied aspects of psychology and less on more academic areas such as research. Earning this doctorate is a good preparation for a career in counseling psychology. Currently employed professionals can also pursue their degree through online PhD degree programs. Subjects in a typical psychology curriculum include Theories of Personality, Human Development, Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. PsyD candidates may specialize industrial-Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Devellopmental Psychology and School Psychology.

General requirements for admission to a PsyD program include a baccalaureate degree from a recognized national or international university or college, a certain number of credit hours in Psychology and a certain amount of work or practicum experience in psychology or a related field. Other requirements may be imposed, depending on the specific on-campus or online PhD degree programs you are applying for. To complete the degree, the doctoral candidate will have to submit a dissertation that extends the body of knowledge in the student’s field of study.

Many mental health professionals who pursue doctorate studies end up self-employed while others assume executive or leadership positions within their respective organizations. PsyD holders also generally earn more than their colleagues who only possess an undergraduate degree. Earning a PsyD degree through online PhD degree programs allows professionals full flexibility in charting their career path while still being able to pursue their studies and fulfill other personal commitments.

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