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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Materials Engineering

Online PhD in Materials Engineering – Details

If you’re the kind of person who likes to look at stuff and wonder what you can make with it, then a career in materials science is for you. Materials engineering involves the study of the properties of various materials and their practical applications. It is a particularly exciting field to enter today due to the many scientific advances that have been made in fields such as nanotechnology and biomaterials (materials which have medical applications). If you are interested in a career as a materials engineer, then you should consider earning an advanced doctorate degree.

Online PhD in Materials Engineering – Categorizes

There are two doctoral degrees awarded in the field of materials engineering – a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Doctor of Engineering (DEng). While both are equivalent degrees, a DEng is more of an applied degree while a PhD is considered a research degree. Candidates can take doctorates through on-campus studies or online PhD programs.

Materials engineer doctorate holders can have careers in academe as university professors or heads of academic research programs, or in the private sector as heads of the research and development divisions of corporations.

Online PhD in Materials Engineering – Course Outline

Doctoral candidates earning their degrees through on-campus or online PhD programs must complete a research paper or dissertation which may focus on a particular material or application of the science. Working students earning their degrees through Online PhD in Materials Engineering may also make the subject of their paper a particular research project they are working on that has a practical application in their place of work.

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