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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD in Social Work

Online PhD in Social Work – Background

Social work is one of the more challenging, but ultimately rewarding, careers you can have. If you would like to upgrade your qualifications so that you can participate in higher-level policy making rather than focusing solely on fieldwork, then you should consider earning a doctorate in Social Work. Doctoral candidates can earn either a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor in Social Work (DSW) degree; although the two qualifications are equivalent, in general the DSW is seen as more of an applied degree, while the PhD is a research degree. You can take your doctorate full-time or part-time on-campus or through Online PhD in Social Work.

Career Option after Online PhD in Social Work

Social Work doctorate holders usually have careers as administrators in human services organizations or policy-makers or analysts in government agencies and non-government organizations. They may also become university professors or academic researchers. Earning your degree through online PhD degree programs allows you to continue pursuing your career as a social worker while completing the program at your own pace.

Pre admission Requirements – Online PhD in Social Work

In general, candidates for a doctorate in social work must have a master’s in a related field, as well as a certain amount of relevant work experience. Students are expected to research and write a doctorate on a particular subject area that will make a significant contribution to that subject’s body of knowledge; typical research topics include child welfare, public policy or addiction. They must then give a successful oral defense of their dissertation before they are awarded the doctorate degree; for those enrolled in  Online PhD in Social Work this will mean a short stay on campus so this is something to keep in mind when picking a school.

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