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Part time PhD and Scholarships

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This article presents the available scholarships for part time PhD students as well as their eligibility requirements.

Finding financial support for your part time PhD education can usually be challenging since a lot of scholarships offered by different universities and colleges to qualified students are only given to those who attend school on a traditional full-time set-up. Fortunately, there are some educational institutions that offer scholarships that can be attained by PhD students in full time or part time basis. Primarily, part time scholarships are limited to students in specific area of specification or to those with specific ethnicity or race. Some of these scholarships, along with their qualifications and coverage, are listed here to your guide you and make your search successful.

NSERC’s Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship is granted to applicants taking PhD part time who pursue the PhD in the study areas of engineering and natural sciences. This program grants as much as $7,500 annually for six years to part time doctoral students. Eligible students for this grant are international and Canadian students attending classes in Canada. It points out that interested applicants for this program should get access to the NSERC website or visit its center in Moncton, New Brunswick to get more detailed information about the grant.

GFOA Minorities in Government Finance Scholarships

The Minorities in Government Finance Scholarships grant of the Government Finance Officer’s Association (GFOA) is designed for part time minority PhD degree students with specialization in the discipline associated to public finance. This scholarship is given annually in the amount that may reach to $5,000. You should be a citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S. in order to be qualified for this grant. Ethnic minority members such as Hispanic/Latino, African-American, Asian Native American, Pacific Islander, or Native Alaskan are also eligible for the grant. In addition, you have to pursue any of the following degree of specialization: business administration, accounting, public administration, economics, accounting, and political science. Try to visit GFOA at 203 North LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois to learn more about this grant.

Scholarships From the University of Baltimore

The University of Baltimore awards many scholarships to its part time PhD degree students. Students pursuing PhD in a part time basis at the Merrick School of Business are qualified for the Henry A. Heinmuller Graduate Scholarships Fund or France Merrick’s Business Scholarships provided that their GPA is 3.75 or higher than this score. The CLA Humanities Scholarships or the Theodore and Helen Wilson Scholarships are awarded to students attending at the Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts with GPA score of at least 3.75. Moreover, it can be noted that the graduate scholarships of the University of Baltimore scholarships are made available and are granted in various range of amounts. For a complete list of available part time PhD degree student scholarships, you try to access its website or visit the school campus at Charles St. in Baltimore, Maryland.

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