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Doctorate Degree in Optometry

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This article provides information about the doctorate degree in optometry offered at the MCO at Ferris State University in Michigan. This doctoral degree is specifically designed so as to produce optometrists who are eligible to practice optometric care in various setting and in various states. The curriculum for this program covers clinical training and practice with the supervision of the faculty where students are enrolled. It also utilizes off-campus optometric studies and clinical laboratory facilities to maximize the clinical studies of the students. Among the off-campus clinical affiliations in this field are military medical facilities, Veterans Administration hospitals, prison health care facilities, and optometric referral centers.

This college is accreditedand authorized by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Council on Optometric Education.

This doctorate degree covers the prevention and remediation of visual systems and eye disorders, eye care treatment, optometric diagnosis, as well as management of eye diseases and visual problems. It provides various job opportunities and great freedom in selecting an area where graduates want to work including institutional practice, private practice or group practice in health maintenance organizations, hospitals, corporate offices, or health centers. In fact, graduates of this PhD program tend to have attained high level in terms of satisfaction, which may lead to a rewarding career in optometrics.

This degree is considered one among the top income-earning occupations or professions in the U.S., notwithstanding the type of practice it performs. Survey shows that the average annual income of this occupation may reach as much as $85,000to $106,083. It also provides significant financial security due to the high demand for eye care in the country.

To be admitted for this degree at MCO, students are expected to have completed at least three years university or college in education or have attained a baccalaureate degree. It points out that an application for this degree can be submitted to the appropriate committee while its minimum requirements are being accomplished. It adds that its pre-professional college optometric programs should include organic chemistry, general biology, general physics, inorganic chemistry, calculus, general psychology, microbiology, speech, and statistics. Meanwhile, applicants without a degree in baccalaureate studies are required to obtain humanities, English/composition, nine semester hours for general psychology courses, nine semester hours and behavioral science, and humanities studies. These are also recommended courses that may be required from the students such as in the fields of embryology/developmental biology, genetics, anatomy, accounting, and biochemistry.

The graduation requirements for this doctorate degree include a cumulative general point average (GPA) score of at least 2.0, completion of the courses outlined in this curriculum, and recommendations by the faculty and dean based on the ethical and professional ethics as well as the academic performance of the students.

So what are you waiting for, earn this doctorate degree now at the MCO at Ferris State and experience and enjoy a broad range of career opportunities for your success in this particular field of studies.

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