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Online PhD UK – Birkbeck College – Professional Doctorate in Family and Systems Psychotherapy (DPsychotherapy)

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Professional Doctorate in Family and System Psychotherapy – Birkbeck College

An online Professional Doctorate in Family and System Psychotherapy is now offered by the Birkbeck College. The Online PhD UK programme is offered by a university with a notable tradition when it comes to Science research. Birkbeck College is a constituent college of the University of London. It was formerly known as the London Mechanic’s Institute in 1823 and is now one of the top research institutions in the United Kingdom; with over 3,000 postgraduate enrolees alone. Birkbeck College is part of the Institute of Structural Molecular Biology, a leading academic center for translating gene sequences and determining the structure and function of protein.

Birkbeck is a member of the 1994 Group and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. It is known for offering adult education (evening classes) for undergraduate students who are working. The Online PhD UK course in Family and Systems Psychotherapy offered by Birkbeck College is a four-year programme intended to provide Psychology graduates advanced-level clinical supervision and research skills. The programme’s goal is to let each PhD candidate be skilled in the supervision of systemic practice and have a completed and substantial doctoral-level research project.

Professional Doctorate in Family and System Psychotherapy – Pre-admission Qualification

Candidates for the Online PhD UK programme may only apply if he/she has Masters Qualification in the said field with a good pass from the College of Birkbeck, and a minimum of two years experience of using systematic ideas in clinical supervision. Each accepted student will go through practice workshops, clinical workshops, and will also undertake research methods classes and tutorials.

Professional Doctorate in Family and System Psychotherapy – Jobs

Graduates will be qualified as supervisors of family therapy trainees recognised by the Association of Family Therapy. They will also become established researchers in the area of systemic psychotherapy and will be able to apply such contexts in the NHS, social services, or social policy environments. Interested applicants may download an application form online.

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