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Fee waivers for Distance PhDs

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Online PhD UK and Fee Waiver Opportunities

Online PhD programs  and Online PhD UK programs are very popular right now, especially for business and working professionals, as these programs allow them to study and earn their degrees, while being able to work at the same time. Students, particularly those who are working part-time or full-time, also benefit from these online programs. Still, online PhD degree programs, as convenient as it is, does not come cheap, especially when taken on well-known international schools, and even more so when taken on other countries.

Online PhD UK - PhD GraduationYou will most likely pay thousands of dollars to cover all the expenses, and it may or may not include airfares or accommodation fees (if the university requires you to attend at least 2-3 classes). Working professionals might be able to pay those fees, but working students may have a hard time paying off these fees.

Online PhD UK and Funding Possibilities

After all, the reason they weren’t able to study on universities, and also the reason they are working is that they aren’t able to pay those tuition fees. What to do now?

Online PhD UK Graduation CeremonyFortunately, some universities offer help on these times of need. Learning grants, fee waivers and bursaries are given to students who rightfully deserve it, meaning they have to pass the requirements set by those universities. Requirements vary depending on the university, as some universities require applicants to pass a test (or a series of tests), while some universities, such as the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), requires them to pass a research proposal in the areas of media policy and communication. Another way to obtain these aids is to show sufficient knowledge and demonstrate academic excellence on that particular course. Upon passing the requirements needed, the applicant, or the student, is given the financial aid he or she needs to apply for online PhD programs.

There are many universities, locally and internationally, that offer Online PhD UK learning grants, fee waivers and bursaries. You can find more about the requirements for these learning grants by searching our website site for PhD scholarships series, or by contacting the university directly.

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