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Entry Requirements for online PhD

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Entry Requirements for online PhD – Some basics

Online PhD degree programs are quite popular right now. With students and professionals around the world wanting to be able to take courses and further their education without leaving their home or work, it’s no wonder why there are several universities all around the world offer these programs. It’s convenient, cheap, and less time-consuming than the traditional learning system.
However, you might want to do a little research before taking an online PhD degree program, as educational qualifications in your country, may be different from the educational qualifications required by the university. Applying immediately without taking time to learn the different Entry Requirements for online PhD of each university may lead to your application being rejected by the university, or may not be reviewed at all!

To help you save time, there is a national agency based on the United Kingdom to help you if you meet the Entry Requirements for online PhD. NARIC or the National Academic Recognition Information Center helps determine if you are qualified to take the program or not, by comparing your qualifications (grades, general average, etc.) to the UK’s qualification frameworks. You just have to provide them with your records from your school and a small fee (enquiry cost), and they will do the rest. You can apply and enquire online at their official website.

Be advised that NARIC only compares your grades according to the entry qualifications of the United Kingdom. If you’re planning to take online PhD degree programs from other countries such as the United States or Canada, you can also get help from ENICs ( European Network of Information Centres) covering Europe, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  It is important to mention that NARIC is part of ENICs, a wider network of information centres.

If NARIC or ENICs is not covering your desired university than there is a possibility that you can send an email to the university’s registrar and ask them about their entry qualifications. You could also send some of your records (optional) for them to check if you’re qualified to take an online PhD degree program or not.

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