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Distance PhD in Theology and Ministry

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Online PhD in Theology and Ministry – Background

Online PhD in Theology and Ministry King College London Online PhD Programs, or in layman’s terms, classes that can be taken online, are really popular in today’s busy world. Professionals and students alike benefit from these programs because they won’t have to leave their work or job to pursue further education. With online PhD programs, they can learn, study, and get the title of “Dr.” at their own convenience.
As of today, there are many available courses one can pursue. When it was first introduced, there were only a handful of courses that can be taken, but now, even courses that can only be taken in universities can now also be taken online and will only require minimal visits (i.e. defending your thesis) to the university. This is very convenient for those who cannot study mainly because of their busy schedule.

Online PhD in Theology and Ministry – Degree Types

An example of a course that can be taken online is Theology. This should not be confused with Religious Studies, although some universities treat them as one. Theology teaches and focuses on deeper understanding of a religion, whereas Religious Studies focuses on understanding world religions in a neutral perspective. These courses can be taken and offered in four different doctoral degrees: the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), the Doctor of Education (EdD), the Doctor of Ministry (DMin), and the Doctor of Theology (ThD). Depending on what you choose, you can be an academic professor, or a minister.

Universities offering Online PhD in Theology and Ministry

Online PhD in Theology and Ministry Durham UniversityThere are several universities around the world that offers Online PhD in Theology and Ministry. One is the Greenwich School of Theology , which is founded in 1958, and is an independent, non-sectarian institute. GST is a non-profit organization, which aims to help people pursue their dreams of further education. Distance learning is possible with the school’s independent board of tutors, governors, and examiners. You can learn more by visiting their official website.

Another university that offers Theology is the University of Birmingham, which is located on England. One of the most prestigious and well-known universities around the world, its methods of teaching is also top-notch, as one should expect.

To be admitted, one must have an understanding of the English language. He/she must also follow the rules and regulations set to him/her by the university.

Like distance learning, you can learn at your own time. Flexible attendance allows you to do things that you want and continue practicing Theology. You can learn more about this course by  visiting their official website.

Apart from above mentioned colleges and universities, for recognised Degree in  Online PhD in Theology and Ministry also check Durham University offering Professional Doctorate in Theology and Ministry and King’s college London offering Professional Doctorate in Ministry (DMin).

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