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Top Australian PhD Programs in Business

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This article features the top schools that offer PhD programs with specialization in MBA in Australia.

Australia prides itself to be hailed as the host of the top MBA PhD programs. These highly-ranked MBA programs provide students with a wide range of programs that come in various settings. Among them are listed and detailed below.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management

This graduate school offers its MBA program in study areas such as a postgraduate certificate in management, master’s of management, postgraduate diploma in management and in single study units.

Australian Graduate School of Management

The PhD programs in MBA at the University of New South Wales’ Australian Graduate School of Management were established in 2007 and continue its reputation since then. The school notes its strong networks or links within the industry. It also boasts for its global teaching faculty and staff to ensure that students will receive the best education.

Brisbane Graduate School of Business

The MBA program of Brisbane Graduate School of Business at the Queensland University of Technology receives triple international accreditation. This indicates that its high-level of quality is being acknowledged whether the students work in Australia or outside the country. It is also regarded as a flexible course design indicating that students may tailor the doctoral degree to meet their interests as well as their career goals.

Curtin University of Technology

The MBA program of Curtin University Technology has a format that is described as a combination of local and international perspectives with hands-on project with values of commitment for sustainable and ethical corporate governance practices and current business theory. This program is ranked seventh based on a survey of the top MBA programs in the country.

Melbourne Business School at the National Inquiry Centre

The MBA PhD program of the Melbourne Business School was recognized as the second best program in this field in the country. Meanwhile, its full time MBA course is the first in the rank in this level. The school is also offering programs in the fields of innovation, marketing, research, and general management. These programs can be fully completed either part-time or full-time.

University of South Australia

The University of South Australia’s International School of Business provides three pathways through its MBA program, enabling students to select discipline that exactly suits their academic requirements. Students taking this program are also give the chance to specialize through a lot of electives, though they are compelled to complete several core modules.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide points out that its MBA program testifies the ability of the students to formulate a course of action and see it through and equip them with essential skills in leadership, critical thinking, analysis that can be used outside the workplace, and understanding behavior. It is also committed to offer students skills in leadership as well as understanding of how organizational parts are associated to one another and the ability to communicate and assess efficiently.

These educational institutions are just some of the reputable providers of PhD programs in MBA in the county. There are still many other schools recognized for their unique MBA programs.

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