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PhD in Distance Learning

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This article provides information on the fundamentals and the significance of programs for PhD in distance learning.

Thanks to the advent of technological innovations, the days when online learning structure was considered inferior to the traditional classroom studies are gone. This leads to the birth of distance learning made available for students with hectic schedule in life. In fact, recent survey reveals the increasing number of colleges and universities offering PhD in distance learning. Doctorate programs can be attained in a variety of study areas ranging from health care administration to business to arts and to psychology.

Many accredited PhD in distance learning these days receive the same recognition given to traditional PhD programs earned by means of traditional classroom classes. These online doctorate programs structured and presented in a virtual classroom format, wherein students interact with their professor using various techniques. The course lecture of distance learning students are presented in front of the school’s discussion board, allowing students to respond to the lectures and questions raised by their instructor. Meanwhile, online PhDs offer every tool with importance to complete the degree program. There are also universities that applied the online library approach indicating that research materials from academic community can also be attained by the online PhD students.

Dissertation research is also a requirement for all PhD programs. It is noted that each online PhD student is assigned to three to five committee members including professors who are experts of their chosen field of study. The members of the committee are tasked to assess and aid the students to complete the research successfully. The tools useful in the research can be accessed through the online libraries of certain school where they enroll their distance learning PhD course.

The opportunity of working with and learning from your fellow students is one of the advantages of earning a PhD course on a traditional physical campus. It could be noted that a PhD in distance learning requires master course and an intensive amount of reading from academic journals, books, and other resources. In fact, students of doctoral studies form study groups to deal with the required workload and help one another. However, this opportunity seemed to be less available to students in distance learning. Distance learning also permits less interaction with the faculty of graduate schools.

Some of the PhD programs offered through distance learning format are in the study of psychology, sociology, nursing, political science, religion, and history.

It can also be noted that some of the traditional colleges and universities offer PhD in distance learning so as to cater students who are unable to attend classes in school campus. These educational institutions try their very best to be and to stay competitive with the other schools in this world of the global community driven by technology. Distance learning is also viewed as and expected to last and continue to encourage and attract more and more students in the next years, decades, or millenniums. Moreover, many universities nowadays implement doctorate programs through the Internet.

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