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PhD by Publication: An Overview

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This article provides an overview of the PhD by publication course as well as its benefits.

PhD by publication is defined as a doctoral degree, which recognizes research work conducted by academic organizations and entrepreneurial that may lead to new and publishable results. The course aims to acknowledge the great contribution of certain established researchers in their chosen field of study. It suits to individuals who are already performing academic jobs and do their research and part of their task. They need to ensure that their publications were published in reputable journals or in books. Most universities require their students to be enrolled in a one year full-time or two years part-time program. They will provide students with a supervisor in writing a significant appraisal of their published work. They will then face an oral examination after completing the course.

Basically, PhD by publication can be completed at least three years, which requires three publications associated to the expertise and thesis of the students. The publications are also expected to develop knowledge about their chosen subject to study. It points out that these publications serve as the basis for the award of this doctorate, which tends to reward the on-going activities.

Publication PhD course differs from any other variation of PhD such as PhD by Published Works since it is based on works that are yet to be published. Among the publications to be published are papers in high effect factor periodicals or full international patents, making it versatile and seemed to open door to all other facets of the enterprise from science, business through the arts.

A publication PhD is considered ideal for a candidate who have good undergraduate course from accredited college or university and are willing to further their knowledge and skills. It is viable for individuals with few years of working experience in companies driven by research and those who wish to continue working in the same field for the duration of their doctorate. It could be the best option for those who do not have enough time to get part-time research degrees and those who has the capability to utilize complimentary facilities. It is useful for those who can complement the knowledge attained the technological innovations with fundamentals in science. It also serves as the best option for those who wish to be given a reward for the efforts that they expend in association of business and the highest academic qualification.

Earning a PhD by publication yields a win-win situation for both the company and the student. This PhD will help increase the depth of the students’ knowledge by attaining the highest possible academic qualification, building a network with the other PhD applicants and industrial partners, and becoming notable in their field of specification. Meanwhile, the integrated organization or industry has already prepared an access to complementary research facilities and expertise in certain discipline. They are expected to make use of academic organization supervisors and those who can interact with the added technical support staff.

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