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Online PhD Degree Programs-University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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University of Nebraska Lincoln – Historical Background

Today’ blog of distance PhD degree programs is mainly concerned about an American university, offering distance PhD in Educational Administration.

University of Nebraska Lincoln TomOsborne&BrookBerringer Statue

The University of Nebraska Lincoln is situated in the western part of the Mississippi River. It was chartered in 1869 and has since then acquired an international name. The university established the first undergraduate psychology laboratory in the country and is the birth place of the branch of knowledge of science known as ecology. In the fall of 2008, the University was included in the US News and World Report on the annual evaluation of the country’s best colleges. It fell within the top 50 list of the public national universities in the said report and has been there for five straight years. Of the 264 universities evaluated, UNL fell on the 89th slot and has been tied with other universities in the position.

Distance PhDs and University of Nebraska Lincoln

University of Nebraska Lincoln International Museum ExhibitionAside from the undergraduate programs, Online PhD from University of Nebraska Lincoln are for those who wish to continue their education while balancing it with the demands of their career. The UNL’s doctorate degree on Educational Administration provides students the forum wherein they can enhance their practices. The Ed. D. degree is modeled after the doctorate degree in the liberal arts and the other sciences as they are perceived as more practicable for higher studies. This program also requires 96 hours of work after completing the baccalaureate degree.

As a guide for students, this course has been designed for those who intend to go after a career in supervising primary and secondary schools. Thus, potential students are expected to be at principal or supervisory ranks at their schools.

Residency Policy at University of Nebraska Lincoln

It is important to point out that current course has no compulsory residency requirement. However, University of Nebraska Lincoln has regulations that a PhD student MUST attend and complete 27 credit hours during a consecutive period of 18 months.

In this coming week, with this blog of online PhD programs, we will further investigate about distance PhDs in various subject areas, so come join us on our blog regularly.

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