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May 2010

UK University Places in Spending Cut

With Queen’s speech today New UK government has announced budget cuts of £200m for UK universities. That means 10,000 fewer places for UK students. In a way it is the worst news for youngsters (and obviously the young at heart) and obviously for the next generation.

However, there are some positive elements related with this news, for example there is no cap on International student entries. So Universities are free to accommodate any number of international students. If you fit in to the category of international student, you have the best chance to get a place in any high ranked UK university. We understand that the new government has decided to put restrictions on student visa as well. But you do NOT need a visa if you are applying for a split-site PhD or PhD by publications.

Also remember that as universities are desperately looking for international candidates, they will be happy to accommodate you with fewer visits to campus. So think and act carefully and fast to grab these places before anyone else. Quickest and the Easiest way is to head over to our site for a comprehensive coverage of all available online PhD.s all over the world. So go there and hit the search button on our site for best results in a flash.

For UK national students this news is not good, but again you have a better chance of doing an online PhD (or any other online degree) from any other country (at about half the cost !) without wasting your time waiting for next year’s places which might still not be guaranteed.

In conclusion …

Think positively about this news, as it is good news in disguise as we have better opportunities for distance PhD with low costs and with less hassle.

Special Note for our Readers:

We would like to apologize for our late replies to our readers due to limited recourses and the huge backlog. We are trying our best to provide individual responses with right advice as soon as possible.

Thanks and all the very best from the team at

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