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How to Find College Scholarships | Tips and Advice | Guest Post

By onlinephd |

This guest post provides information on finding college scholarships and information pertaining to game design scholarships.

Where to Find College Scholarships?

When it comes to affording education many students find themselves having to ask for assistance either from their governments or from outside sources. These outside sources are usually college scholarships. These scholarships are specifically designed to pay for all or part of the expenses of education in the various levels of academics.

Students that are chosen for scholarships usually meet very strict criteria set up by the scholarship host. These restrictions are to ensure that the money is used for the appropriate programs and that students meet all the requirements for needing the additional money. These different criteria can be academics, program of study, having something uncanny about you, or a dozen other scenarios.

The different Tips for Finding Scholarship Money

There are many different things that a student can do to help increase their chances of obtaining scholarship money.

  1. Talk to the Financial Aid Office: Speaking with a representative from the Financial Aid office is the first step in locating extra money. Most of the time these offices have information on numerous scholarships including all of the college specific scholarships. These representatives can help you locate and fill out applications for scholarships.
  2. Speak to Local Officials: Many times churches or food banks will have money reserved to help pay college tuition. These scholarships are few and hard to come by. However, students that approach local officials and plead their case will be taken into special consideration when it comes time to appoint a new recipient.
  3. Ask Your Employer or Your Parents Employer: Businesses like to promote from within if they can and some businesses will help cover tuition fees if the student makes a promise to work for the company for a set duration of time. This is an especially helpful tip for business majors.
  4. State Specific Scholarships: There are some states that offer students scholarship money just for attending college in the state. These incentive programs help schools increase their enrollment and allows the student more financial help.
  5. Think National: There are numerous scholarships such as the Gates Millennium Scholarships and Coca Cola Scholarships that are all national scholarships. As long as the student is a member of the nation providing the scholarship they are eligible to apply for that scholarship program.

Special Spotlight: Scholarships for Game Design

Game designing has become one of the fastest growing and more creative degree program available to students. There are an increasing number of Scholarships for Game Design being offered through various universities and colleges around the world. Some of these specific scholarships are listed below:

  • Electronic Arts Scholarship
  • ESA Foundation Scholarship
  • Sonly Online Entertainment Scholarship
  • International Game Developers Association Scholarship
  • Microsoft Scholarship

These above listed scholarships are considered national scholarships and can be used at most colleges that have a corresponding gaming design program. Game designers should not wait for college to get started collecting money. For high school students there are many design camps that allow students to earn money for college by participating in the programs.

Guest Post Writer: Jeremy works as a senior researcher in the field of college and school education and the significance of scholarships for college graduates.

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