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Distance DBA – A Lifetime Opportunity

By onlinephd |

Online PhD degree programs is beneficial to both working students and professionals, as they are allowed to study and work at the same time, and is more affordable than the traditional education system. There are several programs to choose from, catering to the different needs of the students worldwide.

For example, the Online DBA or Online Doctor of Business Administration, differs from other programs. Other programs requires students to make an important contribution to existing theories, while in DBA, students must absorb this knowledge and use them to apply develop new or to further develop existing theories.

DBA is divided into two stages, Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 trains the students in research methods in their chosen area of study. At the end of the Stage, they will be required to write an extensive review of their findings on their area of study. They will be awarded with a Masters Degree upon completion of Stage 1.

In Stage 2, there are little to no more classes, and they are on their own. Also in this stage, they are required to research and prepare a topic for their thesis, which will be presented upon completion of the Stage.

If you want to take Online DBA or Doctor of Business Administration degree, you would want to take it on the Henley, University of Reading. Accredited and recognized by the different countries around the world, they offer competent and high-quality education at an affordable price. They also offer other online PhD degree programs besides DBA, but they are renowned for their aggressive and effective teaching on DBA degrees. They train students in different methods of researching and how to apply them to existing theories, or improve them further.

If you need more information about Henley, University of Reading, or the Henley Doctor of Business Administration Degree, please check our site for further information and can contact them via official website of University of Reading.

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