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Commonly Asked Questions Associated to Online Accredited PhD Programs

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This article presents questions about online accredited PhD programs that are commonly asked by interested students.

It may seem to be odd for the Millennium Generation to hear about the concept of an online doctorate degree. Some of these programs may not be offered fully online. However, many of them can be easily converted to distance learning formats.

Here are some of the questions most students interested in pursuing any of the online accredited PhD programs frequently asked.

What are the available PhD degrees?

PhD serves as the most common doctorate; doctorate is usually equated with a PhD. Some of the doctoral degrees are the Doctor of Divinity (DD) for clergy, Doctor of Arts (DA) for teaching a specific college subject, and the juris designed for researching and teaching law. They are regarded by other disciplines the most prestigious jobs, which are only open to doctors. However, not all of them can be awarded in some subjects such as social work.

How many years should a student earning a PhD online spend to finish the program?

Generally, traditional doctorate degrees can be completed from four to ten years. Three to four years of the time will be spent for the required credits of the course, while the use of the remaining years is dependent on the speed of the students in doing their research, in writing, and in defending their dissertation. On the other hand, online doctorate programs allow students to study and complete their PhD degree more quickly and shortly than traditional, on-campus structure. These programs help students manage and balance time with their family, work, and school because of their ability to attend their classes any time they want and without having to commute. There are some doctorate degrees that can be completed in less than two years such as the doctor of physical therapy course.

Are students taking up an online doctorate receive personalized attention?

Online programs in high quality level provide students with excellent professor who can be easily reached since they are accustomed to work online. In this academic set-up, students and professors alike communicate through an interactive classroom, classroom Internet forum, and web camera. This calls for prospective students to consider the educational quality of the availability of professors to students and the quality of the faculty. Moreover, graduate education is expected to help students be prepared for being critical researchers and thinkers with the guidance of a committed faculty mentor.

Do online accredited PhD programs require campus visits?

Some online accredited PhD programs are offered 100% online. However, some programs should be completed through occasional or rare in-person appearance to campus for orientation sessions, testing, and/or group work. Students may take hybrid courses and hybrid programs with essential online portions, but with campus attendance. Some online programs also require students to undergo internship programs for their graduation. There are also a lot of accredited colleges and universities that provide traditional on-campus graduation ceremonies to their online students.

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