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Choosing Your Online PhD Degree Program

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Online PhD Degree Programs – How to Choose

Working part-time and too busy at work to study? Or not enough money for you to fund your high tuition fee in your university? But you still want to study, right?Fortunately, the UK Universities offer online PhD degree programs. With these programs, a person can learn whenever they are available. This is convenient for working students as they don’t need to cut off their working hours, and for those who don’t have enough money to pay the tuition fee, this is affordable and can be paid monthly or quarterly depending on the terms.

Online PhD Degree Programs – Split-Site PhD and Professional PhD

There are two kinds of online PhD degree programs offered by the UK Universities: Split-Site PhD, where you can study in your home country (or online, if you’re within the UK) and spend the some time studying in the university, and the other one, Professional PhD, in which you can study online and just visit / study in the university when you are not busy or you need to pass some documents.

Upon completion of the course, you are given the title of “Dr.” whether you finish the Split-Site PhD or Professional PhD program. You should choose the one that you think is the most convenient and affordable for you.

Online PhD Degree Programs – UK Universities

Many universities offer these programs. One of them is the University of Nottingham, which offers online PhD degree programs for Education and Health Sciences. They also have partners from all around the world; among those countries is China, in which they offer Split-Site PhD programs for Education. The student must study their first year in Nottingham University, and the remaining period in China. But if your prefer studying online, then you should avail of their Professional PhD program instead. They offer PhD in Health Sciences, in which you must do some relevant research regarding the Health Science field. This course takes 2-3 years for full-time students and 4-6 years for part-time students.

If you need more information about the Online PhD Degree programs and courses they offer, please check our site for further information and can contact them via official website of University of Nottingham.

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