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50 International PhD Scholarships at Imperial College London UK for 2015-16

The Imperial College London is the open research university located right in the middle of the heart of London. The Imperial College London came into existence in 1907 as it broke away from the University of London where it served as one of its constituent colleges. The breakaway allowed the Imperial College London to become its own educational entity and allow for specialized degree plans in science, business, medicine, and engineering. The Imperial College London sees a yearly student count of over 13,000 students.

The Imperial College London only accepts the brightest academic pupils into their programs. These PhD scholarships allow applicants the unique opportunity to work with some of the world’s finest international researchers while providing them with a top notch doctoral degree. These scholarships schemes are generously funded by previous alumni and are highly competitive scholarships programs.

There are many PhD scholarships available for doctoral candidates wishing to conduct theirs studies at the university. Currently, the Imperial College London is able to offer 50 outstanding doctoral scholarship opportunities to qualified candidates.

These PhD scholarships allow for full domestic tuition fee waivers. International candidates can apply but they have to cover the difference between the two tuition rates. These PhD scholarships also provide an annual stipend in the sum of £20,400 to be applied towards the cost of living as well as an additional consumables grant in the sum of £2,000 for a duration of three years of full time studies.


  • This doctoral scholarship scheme is only available for upcoming doctoral applicants. Students that have already started their research are ineligible to apply.
  • The student needs to have previously been paired with a supervisor whom they will work with throughout the course of their doctoral programs. Supervisors at the Imperial College London are only allowed one charge at a time so it is imperative that the student have already established their partnership with their supervisor before applying for this scholarship.
  • There are no restrictions on age, ethnicity, gender, race, or any other discriminating factors. The Imperial College London welcomes all applicants.
  • Imperial College London will accept no student unless they have achieved the highest in academic marks. This means that applicants must have achieved first class honours on any degree they have accomplished or the international equivalent.
  • Master degree applicants must have been awarded some type of distinction or evidence of outstanding academic performance

How to Apply

Applications are now being accepted for these scholarship schemes. The Imperial College London asks that potential applicants utilize their online application portal for ease of access. The following documentation is needed to render an informed decision:

  • Research proposal
  • 1000 word personal statement
  • Previous transcripts
  • Self-nomination form

Earliest start date for all courses is 1st of August.

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