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48 International PhD Scholarships at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Australia for 2015-16

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research is the oldest Australian institute of medicine. The institute was founded in 1916 as a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to researching and preventing many major diseases such as HIV, ovarian cancers, inflammatory diseases, and arthritis. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research is currently based in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia and shares partnerships with the La Trobe University, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and the University of Melbourne.

There are many PhD scholarships available for students that are wishing to conduct their medical research at the institute. Currently, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is able to offer 48 PhD scholarships for qualified applicants. The PhD scholarships are spread throughout one main department with PhD scholarships in different subcategories of the department.

Every applicant of the institute must be awarded a University of Melbourne scholarship or a scholarship from other philanthropic organizations, trusts, or governments. These scholarships can offer anywhere from $15,000, $40,000 to be put towards tuition fees and some cases scholarships are offered that cover the full cost of domestic tuition fees as well as allow for an annual stipend to be put towards their living expenses. These are highly competitive scholarships and not all applicants within the research project will be awarded full scholarships.

The Department of Medical Biology is composed of many different subcategories that each offer their own prestigious PhD scholarship opportunity. Listed below are some of the different research projects that applicants have to choose from when choosing to study at the Walter and Eliza Institute.


  • Biological Alignment and Sequencing
  • The evolution of Cancers and Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity

Cancer and Hematology

  • Controlled Blood Cell Development Through Inhibitory Proteins SOCS3
  • Locating New Leukemia Targets
  • Platelet Functions Within Cancer

Cell Signaling and Cell Death

  • Analysis the Anti-Tumor
  • Does MLKL Death Inducing Cell Death

Chemical Biology

  • MLKL Dead Enzymes and Biological Molecules
  • Targeting Glycosylation Pathways in Malaria Parasites

Development and Cancers

  • Zebrafish Cell Manipulation
  • MYST Protein Molecular and Cellular Significance


  • Epi-Genic Regulation of Immunity

Infection and Immunity

  • Development of New Anti-Malarial Agents
  • Plasmodium and Toxoplasma Parasites Activation of Invasion


  • Immunity and Flammasome in Autoimmune Diseases and Asthma
  • Proteomic Evaluations of Inflammatory Cell Death

Molecular Genetics

  • Regulators in Lymphocyte Energy
  • Cell Death Mechanisms for Controlling Bone Marrow Functions

Molecular Immunology

  • Epigenetic Control in Immune Cell Development
  • Understanding DNA Binding Protein in Lymphocytes

Molecular Medicine

  • Understanding Single Cell Transcriptomes
  • Early Embryo Blood Fate
  • Analyzing Regulatory Mechanisms in Blood Stem Cell Development

Stem Cells and Cancer

  • Physiological Regulators of the Ion Channels
  • Computation System Biology in Signaling Colon Cancers

Structural Biology

  • Intestinal Cancer Cell Differences and Regulations

Each of these PhD scholarships as well as the other available PhD scholarships are open for applications. The deadline for these PhD scholarships is the 31st of October.

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